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Fixing Food Pollution

By Joseph Pompeo Pollution is already a huge problem, but what if we take it step by step and help a company called 412Food Rescue? 412 Food Rescue is a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization that is dedicated to rescuing food,reducing food waste, and fighting hunger. The organization was founded in 2015 by Leah Lizarondo andGisele Fetterman and has since grown to

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Another Man’s Treasure

By Luke Luedy Everyone eats. Of the roughly eight billion people on Earth, all consume food in one way or another. And with such a large number of mouths to feed, a steady production of food is necessary. This isn’t a problem. The United States, at least, produces around 360 million tons of food. With such a number, hunger should

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Palm Sunday: Betrayal and Beliefs

By Luke Luedy In the coming weeks until Easter, it’s easy to generate an idea of what it’s about. An idea bolstered by retail stores and advertisements. The most obvious message is of Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion. Or it could be something non-religious, like bunnies or eggs. But there is a tenet of Easter that society as a

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Not Your Place

By Roman Guadarrama Does this bother you? Hope it makes you feel Patience is virtue So that leaves you out Warp this dream cake It’s not your place The icing too sweet to taste Damage serenity Not your place Bold beyond your possible fates Indeed you spread like a disease Faster than hooker level fleas Not for you to take

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