• The Impact of Social Media on Students
    By Alysha Pluta, Contributing Writer La Roche student Alysha Pluta explains her experience taking a break from social media to better her mental health. My life has revolved around Snapchat ever since I began actively using it, which was four years ago. I Snap people constantly, view stories, post pictures and videos of my pets,
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Walking a Cat
    By Alysha Pluta, Contributing Writer Little black paws running through the cool, green grass. Eyes wide, pupils almost taking over, locked on some mystery object. Ready to attack. Trying to pull me into the bushes or have me jump off a wall to investigate something new. This is what it’s like every time I walk
  • The impact of media on young women in the spotlight
    Throughout history, the media has played an active role in the destruction of famous young women.
  • Student reflects on year, Covid-19
    Around the world, people center holidays around tragedies.