• Review: “Copycat” by Alex Lake
    By Emily Wymore I got this book from “Ollie’s” which is a store that buys other stores’ surplus and “closeout” merchandise. “Closeout” merchandise is stuff that a store no longer wants because it isn’t selling well, or the store is closing. I make these points because this book had a noticeable mistake in it. In
  • Review: “The Shadows We Hide” by Allen Eskens
    By Emily Wymore Another book I picked up at Ollie’s that was a good read. SPOILERS AHEAD Our main character, Joe, is trying to learn a bit more about his father after he passes away. This leads him to the center of a mystery. I know this might sound kind of plain but it’s honestly
  • Review: “An Awful Cat-titude” by Addison Moore and Bellamy Bloom
    By Emily Wymore I want to start this by saying it has been about a month since I have finished reading this book, but it is still mostly fresh in my memory, so I wanted to write about it. This book along with some others I bought because I heard that there were “cat mystery”
  • Taylor Swift Breaks Records and Ticketmaster
    By Alysha Pluta, Student Life Editor With the release of her tenth studio album, Midnights, Taylor Swift is topping the charts and making history. The album was released on October 21 and broke record after record, creating an unprecedented demand for tickets to Swift’s upcoming tour. Swift said, “Meet me at Midnight,” and her fans
  • Review: Don’t Worry Darling
    By Alysha Pluta, Student Life Editor Don’t Worry Darling, an American psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde follows a 1950s housewife society of men controlling everything whether it is realized or not. The movie was released in late September and received a lot of hype due to the big names starring in it such as