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“Squid Game” offers surprises that keep you on the edge of your seat

By Anna Kleinschnitz, Contributing Writer It is almost impossible to avoid talk about the hit Netflix series, “Squid Game”; truth is, there is definitely a reason why you keep hearing about it. “Squid Game” was released in September of this year. In the single month since it’s aired, it has surpassed every other show on Netflix and amassed a viewership

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The Making of the Documentary “Madan Sara”

By Maxwell Robinette, Associate Editor Maxwell Robinette, Associate Editor of Redhawk Post, recently spoke with Street Team Productions Executive Lulaine Childs in a follow up interview about the making of the “Madan Sara” documentary. Childs served as Co-Executive Producer on the film. The Post reached out to director Etant Dupain for comment and received no response. Childs worked closely with

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