Review: “An Awful Cat-titude” by Addison Moore and Bellamy Bloom

By Emily Wymore

I want to start this by saying it has been about a month since I have finished reading this book, but it is still mostly fresh in my memory, so I wanted to write about it.

This book along with some others I bought because I heard that there were “cat mystery” books. Whether the cats were solving the mysteries, or they were just little minor additions to the story, it did not matter to me. As long as cats were somehow involved, I was interested. Of the five books that looked cool to me, this was one of them.

I was worried I wasn’t going to like this book because of the summary mentioning a “highly inaccurate psychic.” I’m not one for paranormal intervention in my mystery books. This book however didn’t really have that. Sure, Bowie has “visions”, but they aren’t of the full picture. Just because she sees a man with a gun in a vision doesn’t mean that the man is necessarily a killer. So, these psychic powers don’t intrude on the story too much.

Another surprise this book had for me was the romance. I’m not one for romance novels or anything of the sort but I enjoyed the added romance in this book. Probably because the tall, blue-eyed man reminded me of my own tall, blue-eyed man.

I also liked what I bought the book for, catering to the cat-lady stereotype. I am a cat lady, and I enjoyed the bits with the cats in the mansion on the hill that also has a coffee shop in it. They also have a craft night where ladies come to do crafts and bitch about things. Being a crafter myself, this was perfect. I also blame this book for re-igniting my interest in teas and fancy teacups.

This book is part of a series and ends with a MEGA cliffhanger. I bought the second book immediately after reading it, but while I was waiting for it to be delivered, I started a different book. Also, I think seven books are a part of the series and I don’t know if that is all of them, so I want to read some stand-alone books before I dive into a multi-book commitment.

10/10. Even by itself, it’s a good read and when I have the time, I will definitely be reading the series.

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