Not Your Place

By Roman Guadarrama

Illustration by Annie Redfoot

Does this bother you?

Hope it makes you feel

Patience is virtue

So that leaves you out

Warp this dream cake

It’s not your place

The icing too sweet to taste

Damage serenity

Not your place

Bold beyond your possible fates

Indeed you spread like a disease

Faster than hooker level fleas

Not for you to take

It’s not your place

I once believed in dreams

Then I woke up

Screams replaced even level esteem

Not your place

Violate moral routines

Check your genes for humanity

Try to rise above life’s banality

Self created drama

Without it you wither into false madonna

Whore not untouched fauna

Ten on the richter scale

Radiate out to those around

Circle back to compound the pain

The hot seat of hell

Welcomes you

Found your place

We’ll be lucky to separate

I’ll see your eternal fall from grace

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