By Roman Guadarrama

Illustration by Annie Redfoot

The soul is fatigued

An indication of future revealed

Where the good times go to die

Promises made, responsibilities met

Guess what comes next

Reward leaves you perplexed

The mind persists, the body fails

You’re alone with all that ailes

Take the pill, customer born, another headstone

Get it together now rather than later

Scream for mercy

Beg, plead, life will laugh and take its time to make you bleed

Buckets of cold misery will be your daily cleanse

Looking through eyes of hopeful haze

Why oh why is this the way?

Life, endless days of freakish ballet

Rest for now, stand like the crane on one leg

Anarchy disorder will displease and be untrue

Responsibility will ground down and leave its tattoo

Fantasy will be the last refuge of hopeful taboo

The price of happiness is unknown

The devil is available for consult

Pay to endure the life drone

The princess of the night will roll over you

The steel will crush, speed will burn

Her beauty will make you forget and you will never learn

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