Sims 4 Wedding Pack Offers Glitches and Disappointment 

By Kailyn Lunn, Entertainment Editor

“The Sims 4” released a game pack that enhances marriages, but with a long list of bug fixes.

“My Wedding Stories” features new wedding related content ranging from bachelor and bachelorette parties to the official ceremony. Sims can choose a Sim of Honor, Officiant, Ring Bearer, and Flower Pal; the itinerary is entirely customizable.

The pack caters to an underdeveloped area of gameplay. If only it worked.

After installing the pack, I created a couple to use as a test run before planning any weddings for my regularly played Sims.

Immediately, I noticed that the marrying Sims showed up in their everyday attire rather than the formal clothes I chose for them. Though you can change their clothing manually, the guests didn’t change into their formal attire for the event either.

Along with this, when guests are asked to be seated for the ceremony, the majority of them are unresponsive. Walking down the aisle becomes a chore when a guest won’t move out of the way.

Once the guests make it to their seats, they rarely stand up again. They chat amongst themselves when the couple exchanges vows and ignore activities like dancing or toasts.

Sims that you grant roles in the ceremony are useless. The Sim of Honor doesn’t do anything, the Ring Bearer and Flower Pal don’t walk down the aisle when asked. The Officiant stands anywhere but at the altar.

Despite the broken gameplay that makes “My Wedding Stories” exhausting, it offers some improvements to “The Sims 4.”

The new Mediterranean-inspired world, Tartosa, hosts two families, new homes and land to explore. This includes a rental home for vacations or honeymoons, a lounge, a pre-made wedding venue and residential and empty lots.

Tartosa has beautifully designed homes and landscapes, so until “The Sims 4” fixes the wedding ceremonies, the pack isn’t a complete waste.

“My Wedding Stories” also introduced more diversity to the game with non-western wedding traditions and more LGBTQIA+ content.

Nonetheless, pretty waterfalls and virtue signaling aren’t enough to make this pack worth playing. Until EA and “The Sims 4” patch the game, players remain dissatisfied.

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