La Roche University Hosts Student Film Screening

By Kailyn Lunn, Entertainment Editor

La Roche University film students showcased their talents through concepts ranging from the confession of a murder to budding romance at Laser Storm.

On Friday, January 21, six student films played in CC Square. The following students produced the films shown:

  • Carola Corbi-Guiaro
  • Daniel Colaianni & Ken Miller
  • Zach DeLong
  • Matthew Knight & Thomas Krchmar
  • Jasey Reiser
  • Ryan Slebrich

The films varied in length and style. Murder mystery and horror was the most used genre, except for Corbi-Guiaro and Reiser’s films.

Corbi-Guiaro displayed a short film encouraging the audience not to judge a person without knowing their story, while Reiser’s film was a laser tag romance.

Knight and Krchmar’s comedy-horror included nods to classic slasher films, such as “Friday the 13th,” and a narration technique similar to “The Office.”

The variety of the films proved that students have full artistic freedom; the one common thread was that they were all student-made.

The audience voted for their favorite film. Knight and Krchmar received the Fan Favorite Awarrd and a cash prize for their film, “Slasher Hunter.”

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