La Roche Mission and Ministry Appointed New Director and Assistant Director

By Alysha Pluta, Student Life Editor

There have been some recent changes in the Office of Mission and Ministry that may affect the entirety of the La Roche community.

Sister Elena Almendarez has stepped away from her position as Director of Mission and Ministry to pursue a new path.

In her place, Father Peter Horton will be returning to the office as Director and Steve Benson is now Assistant Director.

Father Horton has many plans for the future of Mission and Ministry.

He said that he would like to bring people together despite covid-19 forcing everyone apart. He explained that they hope to bring a new sense of community to La Roche as a whole, strengthen the Catholic community, and begin to celebrate more of what makes LRU different.

“Our goal is to be more present with the students,” Father Horton said. He explained plans to start a campus ministry club, set up bible studies, continue community service programs, and increase the number of on-campus activities.

“I would like to find a way to work around the pandemic,” Father Horton said. “I’m trying to do what Jesus would.”

This has proved to be a struggle for the office. They have been unable to use the Reconciliation Room or have daily mass.

 “We’re working on finding creative ways to expand our ministry and get our message out there,” he said. They have plans to challenge students and staff to do something wonderful for someone else during lent.

They also have ideas for an Easter project where students and staff would choose one person to leave anonymous notes for before break. Right before Easter break, everyone participating would reveal themselves and give a gift to whoever they were leaving notes for.

Father Peter also brought up the idea of having a cookout. At the cookout, students would be able to talk to him and ask him any questions they have. He plans to call this “Grilling the Chaplin.”

There are plans in place to attempt to livestream mass, which they hope to utilize soon.

Until covid-19 allows for more in-person activities to be held, Father Horton and the other Mission and Ministry faculty are willing to meet in-person or online with anyone who needs guidance.

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