La Roche Activities Fair Boasts Little Student Support 

By Alysha Pluta, Student Life Editor

Want to join a new club but don’t know what La Roche offers? Here’s what you missed at the spring 2022 Activities Fair.

At the beginning of each semester, the University gathers members of each club and organizes an activities fair.

Ashley Krivansky, the President of the La Roche Activities Forum (LAF) said, “I enjoy the activities fair because it gives new students and even upperclassmen a chance to find clubs they may be interested in.”

The University hosted this semester’s fair in Jan.

There were representatives from LAF, the African Culture Club, the Student Government Association, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, the Criminal Justice Club, Active Minds, and LIFE. 

The activities fair allowed these clubs to get the word out about their organization.

“I’d say it didn’t help LAF in terms of gaining members this semester, but we definitely gained some after the last one,” Krivansky said.

The fair had many people walking through, but few stopping at the tables to talk to the club’s leaders. The people who did stop were able to hear about what the clubs had to offer.

While this fair wasn’t the most productive in terms of new members, what happened is like activities fairs in the past.

 “I feel like you always get a bunch of people to sign up to join the club,” Krivansky said, “but then little to none show up.”

Photos Courtesy of Alysha Pluta

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