SGA Swore in new board member and discussed the future of the La Roche campus

By Madeline Riccardi, Editor-in-Chief

La Roche’s Student Government Association (SGA) swore in new members, discussed the spring 2022 semester, and the future of campus.

SGA’s Executive Vice-President Tashai Thompson sent a new copy of the SGA bylaws to all SGA committee members. This new set of bylaws emphasizes asking questions and updating what they plan for the rest of the semester.

Richard Nziza, SGA’s Academic Vice-President spoke with Dr. Howard Ishiyama Ph.D., Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, about the office movements on campus. Offices are moving to the Motherhouse sometime between now and summer 2022.

Nziza and Ishiyama also brought up student concerns with finding parts of the Palumbo Science Center easily.

David Day, SGA Sponsor and Director of Student Development, said that the Administration Offices are currently moving to the Motherhouse. Changes are being made to make more important offices prominent on campus according to Day.

These changes will gradually occur over the coming months.

The SGA Board swore in a member as the new SGA Director of Design and Technology.

They swore in Elena Moret unanimously.

Moret will be examining common rooms across campus to understand their original purpose was. She plans to come up with ideas about what to do with these underutilized spaces.

SGA’s President Ammiel Francis mentioned that the Global Solutions Forum will occur in the spring. He said it is something that students should look forward to.

Nziza also said that the Global Solutions Forum will be a continuation of the Green New Deal Forum. The Green New Deal Forum occurred in late October and Nziza said that it helped widen his perspective on different current issues.

Moret said that she hopes the Global Solutions Forum will have more attendees than the Green New Deal Forum.

La Roche University student Thomas Fink discussed a karate event on campus. According to Fink, there was low attendance at this event.

Fink is working on hosting a charity event linked to La Roche Volleyball, and he plans on donating the funds to Men’s Prostate Cancer.

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