A Season Comes to an End: La Roche Weather reviews

By Alysha Pluta, Luke Schultheis, Kailyn Lunn, Maxwell Robinette, and Anna Kleinschnitz

Photos by Alysha Pluta

Everyone can feel it in the air—it’s becoming fall. You can see the sun shining through the clouds, the leaves turning red, and the pine needles dried and falling off trees. The sounds of rustling trees, car engines, and student chatter can be heard all over campus. By residence halls, it smells like a mix of the crisp autumn air and residents’ Tide. Students and staff are ripping off masks as soon as they exit buildings to breathe the fresh fall air. And a singular motorcycle resides behind one residence hall, covered; ready to be retired for the season.

Photo by Kailyn Lunn

Autumn days in Pennsylvania feel like home. The cool air and the golden hues comfort me. On a bright day in October, the sound of leaves crunching and students chatting created a melody. They took advantage of the warm sun by walking around campus or sitting at picnic tables. The crisp smell of the air greeted me when I removed my mask. The orange leaves slipped off the trees acting as a reminder of what’s to come. Soon the trees will be bare—winter is upon us. It’s important to embrace the fleeting autumn days ahead.

Photo by Luke Schultheis

October’s final Monday showcased what might be the last sunny day for a while in Pittsburgh. Before the cool breeze becomes a bit too chilly for hoodie weather, many spend their mornings outside. Kids play and laugh at recess while parents and chaperones sip coffee, perhaps reminiscing about their childhoods on days like this. Construction workers dig and tow as the sun hits their skin in the gentle, peaceful way that summer sun doesn’t. Students drive to school, windows open, tunes blasting, singing along to their favorite song. For some, this is serenity. For others, bring on the Holiday season.

Photos by Maxwell Robinette

Atlanta plays Houston in Game One of the World Series tomorrow, down in the Southern autumn heat. No bats swing at La Roche this afternoon, though. You don’t need to win glory today.

 It’s warm here too: 75 degrees and overcast. As you walk along the wet field, you can’t decide if you should take off your jacket. Climb up the hill and you see the fall sky. But life on the ground isn’t so certain. The leaves are green and flowers still bloom. Nature has a coat in her arms, still waiting for a reason to put it on.

Photo by Anna Kleinschnitz

Three men in neon construction vests march in a line, standing out from the browns and grays of the surrounding landscape. The mud squelches beneath their boots as they continue to build up an entirely new part of La Roche. Along with the leaves, autumn brings change to our campus. The project will not be completed until next fall–an entire year of concrete bricks and caution tape. Much like how animals build homes for the coming winter, shelter is being built to house some of our community. And with it, something as new and vibrant as spring will grow.

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