The Trials and Tribulations of Walking a Cat

By Alysha Pluta, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Alysha Pluta

Little black paws running through the cool, green grass. Eyes wide, pupils almost taking over, locked on some mystery object. Ready to attack. Trying to pull me into the bushes or have me jump off a wall to investigate something new.

This is what it’s like every time I walk my cat.

Walking a cat isn’t something a lot have people have done, but it is one of my favorite things to do.

Taking a dog for a walk is common. It’s a necessity of having a dog. Why not do the same for our other furry companions?

I try to take my cat outside a couple times a week because I think the fresh air is good for him.

He loves running through the grass and trying to attack unknown objects. He’s a little hunter. Since he’s six months old and still a hyper kitten, it’s a good way to get the energy out.

Like most cats, he loves sitting by the window and watching what’s going on outside. It didn’t come as a surprise to me when I found out exploring is one of his favorite things to do.

When I take him outside, I must find a place where there’s not too many people. He doesn’t like people. When there’s too many people around, he starts to get nervous and then it’s difficult to keep him outside.

But when it’s just us, he’s calm and excited.

It takes him a little bit to get used to being outside. Then he starts exploring.

He makes strides through the grass, prancing in a way that would make his ancestors proud, attacking bugs and grass, learning how to be a hunter, and enjoying the outdoors.

Every time I take him outside, he goes to the same ledge. He loves to jump off this one specific wall and then tries to run though bushes. I don’t think he realizes, or cares that I’m not a cat too and cannot follow him everywhere he goes.

I have to be patient with him. This is a learning process for us both. It’s very different than walking a dog, but it’s fun and good for the both of us.

He’s getting calmer, more used to being outside. The last time I took him out he just sat with me, watching the world around us.

I love it and more importantly, so does he.

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