The Commons at Provincial Heights begins construction

By Maxwell Robinette, Associate Editor

Photographed by Maxwell Robinette

The Sisters of Divine Providence began construction on a new housing facility for Sisters currently around the Provincial House on August 1.

The facility, located next to the Kearns Spirituality Center, will provide a more conducive living space for the aging population.

Named “The Commons at Provincial Heights,” the facility will include 83 beds in a mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments. It will also include walking paths, an outdoor dining space, a community garden, private rooms and healthcare amenities.

While the Commons won’t be a part of La Roche’s campus, campus administration intends to rent space in the Provincial House once the Sisters move out. This opens up the possibility for new university offices, meeting rooms and classrooms for La Roche faculty and students.

This construction—and the plans to rent space in the Provincial House—marks continuing reorganization of space for university functions.

Photographed by Maxwell Robinette

Sister Candace Introcaso spoke about this campus reorganization. She said that the University recently relocated the president and provost offices to the Marie de la Roche Center directly behind the Provincial House, opening new possibilities for space on campus.

“Leasing space from the Sisters has allowed La Roche to bring all functions formerly off campus back onto the main campus,” Sister Candace said.

“These functions include: the mail and print center, now located in the lower level of the library; freshman and graduate admissions, formerly off campus at the Rimbach Building, now located temporarily in the library and Zappala Campus Center; and University Advancement is now located on the fourth floor of Bold II,” she continued.

In addition to these changes, Sister Candace also noted plans to renovate the entrance to the Zappala Campus Center to create a new Admissions Welcome Center next summer.

Construction on the Commons finishes next fall. In the meantime, access to the Kearns Spirituality Center and Prayer Labyrinth may be limited.

Photographed by Maxwell Robinette

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