SGA Swears in a new board member and discusses new events on campus

By Madeline Riccardi, Editor-in-Chief

The La Roche Student Government Association (SGA) filled another board position and created new events and clubs for students on campus this month.

The SGA Board swore in Elena Moret as the new SGA Director of Design and Technology. The vote was unanimous and led by Tashai Thompson, SGA’s Executive Vice-President, and Richard Nziza, SGA’s Academic Vice-President.

Moret said she wants to take an active role in making campus look better through design and art while helping La Roche University students.

As the semester progresses, SGA is creating new events for the remainder of the semester. D’Shae Xavier, SGA’s Director of Multicultural and International Affairs, and her proxy, Emily Markham, discussed three main events:

  • Weekly Discussions Around the Globe – Once a week, the La Roche Community will meet to discuss interesting events occurring in different parts of the world. This club will meet during lunchtime in the Dining Hall. This leaves an open setting for students to eat and talk. SGA plans for these discussions to start in November.

  • Foods Around the World – Those interested can introduce different kinds of food from around the world to the University. Each month, the group will pick a country and bring in food from that country. The group will present the history of the particular food on a slideshow behind a table in C.C. Square that offers the food. This event will follow CDC Guidelines for food. SGA give the Asian Club credit for this idea.

  • Desserts Around the World – This event previously occurred on the La Roche campus, but the University pushed it aside for other events. SGA has yet to discuss the details of this event. Their goal is to host Desserts Around the World in C.C. Square around Thanksgiving.

SGA’s Director of Community Service Michelle Bischak announced that a Highway Cleanup event is in the works. This event will count toward LRX community service credits. Bischak will meet with Steve Benson, Coordinator of Campus Ministry for Service, to discuss more on-campus events.

SGA unanimously voted in approval for a new Powerlifting Club at La Roche. Dylan Chan, an LRU student, will captain this club alongside Kyle Weitzel, Nathan Stutz, and Michael Rapneth.

Chan said that commuter and resident students are welcome to join, but they must attend “at least one open lift time every two weeks.”

His club proposition also said that members need to “perform the three main lifts of deadlift, bench, and squat [while maintaining] a positive, growing attitude toward themselves and others.”

Faculty Advisor Emily Shimko and Chan have yet to announce the first meeting date of this new club.

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