Outdoor Adventures Club Returns to LRU

By Alysha Pluta, Contributing Writer

Do you want to be a part of a group aiming to get students more involved in the outdoors and outdoor activities? Then join the outdoor adventures club!

La Roche University recently revived the outdoors adventures club with the goal of bettering the environment and getting students involved.

The leader of this club, 20-year-old graphic design student Anthony Provident, has always loved the outdoors.

Despite growing up in Pittsburgh’s suburbs, he’s spent a lot of time in nature. He often goes on camping trips, hikes, and kayaking adventures with his family and friends. He loves being able to take his dogs on nature walks and explore with them.

Provident is very passionate about what he does. He enjoys finding ways to bring his passions for art and photography into his outdoor explorations. Almost anytime you see him on a hike, you’ll also see his big camera bag on his back.

He wanted to find a way to share his love of the outdoors with the La Roche community, so he started the outdoor adventures club.

With this club, Provident is planning nature walks, park clean-ups, geocaching explorations, and he said he hopes to have a multi-day trip. He also wants students to find ways to bring their passions into the outdoors like he does with his photography.

In early September, he talked to Jeffrey Daily, Assistant Director of Student Development, about his idea. Provident learned that there used to be an LRU outdoors club; however, because of a lack of enthusiasm and student participation, they got rid of it.

Because of this, his biggest goal right now is to get more people involved. The club had their first meeting on Friday, Oct. 8. He had two people show up.

Provident knows he must do more to get the word out about his club, but he also realizes that it’s hard to get students involved.

“I know what they mean now,” he said after talking to the leaders of other clubs. “It’s really hard to get students to participate in things.”

He still hopes to spread his excitement for the outdoors and get people more involved.

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