SGA Starts Fall Semester with New Committees and Campus Projects

By Madeline Riccardi, Editor-in-Chief

The La Roche Student Government Association (SGA) swore in new members and reorganized their plans for last year’s projects while creating new committees.

With a new semester comes new roles in SGA. At the end of the spring semester, a lack of interest left six roles unfilled on the student SGA board. The fall semester began with the swearing in of six students into these roles.

The six new SGA members and their positions include:

  • Noah Gonzalez, SGA Vice President of Finance
  • Richard Nziza, SGA Academic Vice President
  • Gracyn Holcombe, SGA Director of Commuter Affairs
  • Denali Nicholas, SGA Director of Athletics and Intramurals
  • D’Shae Xavier, SGA Director of Multicultural and International Affairs
  • Michelle Bischak, SGA Director of Community Service

Ammiel Francis, SGA President, created new committees for an inclusivity mural project and the gazebo reconstruction project that they began last semester.

The mural committee will consist of SGA Director of Resident Affairs Reagan Roblaski, Pilar Lojacono, SGA’s Public Relations Chair, and Richard Nziza, SGA’s Academic Vice President.

The committee dedicated to revamping the gazebo includes Regan Roblaski, SGA Director of Resident Affairs, Denali Nicholas, SGA Director of Athletics and Intramurals, and Ashley Krivansky, SGA Director of Student Activities.

SGA Executive Vice President Tashai Thompson is working on updating the SGA Bylaws and is working on finding incentives to encourage more people to join. Thompson is also separating positions to encourage more participation while working toward goals for the semester.

Gracyn Holcombe, SGA Director of Commuter Affairs, is planning a Town Hall meeting with commuter students to find out what improvements SGA can make for them.

SGA Director of Clubs and Organizations Eden Jhang discussed student organization budget requests. All requests are due by September 24.

Among the activities that SGA is planning this semester include Highway Cleanup community service events and karate.

Michelle Bischak, the SGA Director of Community Service, is working on scheduling the first Highway Cleanup for the end of September.

Nicholas is putting up flyers for Karate. This activity is scheduled in the Dance Studio every other Wednesday. For more information, look for a flyer on campus.

Upcoming committees that SGA is working on include:

  • a Student Life Board, which will meet twice a year,
  • a Judicial Appeals Committee to work with students and fines they receive,
  • a Grievance Committee,
  • a Grade Appeals Committee, and
  • a Mental Health Program Committee.

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