La Roche offers 21 and older dorm, permitting alcohol

By Sarah Hefferin, Staff Writer

La Roche University will host 21-and-over housing in Peters Hall starting in fall 2021. This decision means that students who are of age have the option of living in Peters and will have the opportunity to have alcohol on campus.

La Roche is no stranger to unveiling new renovation projects that will benefit and improve the campus and student life. Most recently, the university unveiled the Palumbo Science Center, which was a multi-million-dollar renovation.

But several years prior, La Roche renovated the fifth floor of the Peters Hall dorm, which included the installation of kitchens. According to Ashley Testa, the Director of Residence Life, she said that many Entry-Level Master of Nursing (ELMN) students have been living on that floor after the renovation.

Testa said that there has been an influx of ELMN students, who are often 21 and older, wanting to live on campus. She said that this influenced the choice to offer Peters Hall as exclusive housing for adult, graduate students. This included the choice of converting Peters into a non-dry residence hall.

“ELMN Students have been residing there, and will continue to live there in subsequent years, as we renovate additional floors,” Testa said. “Because our graduate students are typically over the age of 21, we felt it was appropriate to amend the alcohol policy to meet the needs of this population.”

The program itself will include 12 specially selected undergraduate students in two sweets of six, and two floors of graduate students. La Roche is still prohibiting alcohol in Bold, Schneider, and Mahler Hall.

“This community [in Peters] is significant for La Roche University because it is the first time in recent history that administration is permitting alcohol consumption by students in a residence hall building,” Testa said.

But this does not come without conditions.

Testa said, “There is some specific possession and consumption guidelines that students must abide by, in addition to other policies related to underage guests, and non-residents. The reason for these limitations and policies is to ensure safe, legal, and responsible socialization with alcohol. Students found to be in violation of these policies will be held responsible through the Student Conduct process.”

Students can apply to be a part of the new Peters Community by visiting the housing portal on the La Roche website and filling out the “21+Housing Community Fall 2021” Application. Only students who will be 21 years old by August 2021 will be able to see this application and apply.

“The office of Housing and Residence Life will review all applications and select the two suites who will reside on the floor in Peters. We will notify these students prior to the start of Housing Selection on April 27. Selected students will be assigned by our office, and do not need to go through Housing Selection,” Testa said.

Students will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Applying as a suite group of six
  • Currently be 21 years or older
  • Be in good Academic Standing; Not on Academic Probation
  • Be in good Student Conduct Standing; Not on Judicial Probation

Any student who does not meet this criterion, or who does not get chosen by the Housing Office, will need to apply for regular housing via the lottery system.

Like the other residence halls, one Resident Assistant (RA) will be stationed on each floor in a separate suite with his/her roommates and will receive specific and updated training regarding the new alcohol policies. But they also will act as a normal RA, ensuring safety and reporting any suspicious or unlawful behavior when required.

Testa said that she hopes students will enjoy living in this new environment and she hopes to encourage them to stay and feel more comfortable in student life.

“We hope students will see this housing option as progressive and student-focused, and that students who are of legal drinking age will be able to take advantage of their privilege to consume alcohol by doing so safely and responsibly while living in this community,” Testa said.

If you or someone you know are over the age of 21 would like to apply for 21+ Housing, applications are now available and are due back on April 19.

One comment

  • The times are certainly a-changing! I think this new policy will be safer and allow for more effective oversight.


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