A Message from the Redhawk Post advisor

by Professor Ed Stankowski, Faculty Advisor

Welcome to a new era.

After serving the La Roche community for 25 years, the La Roche Courier has gone to bed.  Taking the Courier’s place is a new platform for student writers: Redhawk Post.

It’s a biological fact: For any organism or organization, the only way to evolve is through growth. 

Twenty-five years ago, the Courier was a print publication.  A decade or so ago, and following emerging industry trends, the newspaper transitioned to an online format.

Now, Redhawk Post reflects current trends in an ever-changing media marketplace.  More importantly, though, Redhawk Post continues the tradition of providing important pre-professional training for La Roche writers.

The staff and I are greatly excited to use this platform to share our work.  You can read Redhawk Post on your laptop, tablet or phone.

It would be wrong to look to the future without first honoring the past.  If the Courier were a sports team, we would be graduating two No. 1 draft picks this spring.

Julia Felton became involved with the newspaper as a freshman.  During one of our first meetings, I asked Julia what she would like to write about.  Julia gestured toward the Mother House and said, “There has to be some great stories there.”

That’s what good writers do: they look for stories then tell them.  In four years as editor of the paper, Julia has written stories that have promoted the school’s mission.  She has told tales of outstanding members of our community, and she has held elected officials accountable with thorough and fair coverage of student government.

To be a fine writer is one thing.  To be a fine person is something else altogether.  Julia is both.

Sarah Hefferin joins Julia as a Class of 2021 all-star.  Whether writing for the Courier or the school’s magazine, Sarah brought warmth and humanity to all of her work.  She also demonstrated a flair for the fun and the quirky.

With always a kind word or a friendly smile, Sarah cast a bright light on all she did.  You simply do not replace someone like Sarah Hefferin.

To all of those who have made the Courier a part of this campus for 25 years, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. 

To our current staff of Madeline Riccardi, Steven Munshower, Luke Schultheis, Max Robinette, Alysha Pluta, Anna Kleinschnitz, Kailyn Lunn, I say, “Let’s get to work!  And maybe have a little fun!”

Finally, the birth of Redhawk Post would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of two former Courier editors.  Rebecca Pasqua and Sarah Reichle both work for the school’s media shop.  They, along with their boss Brady Butler, have offered hands-on guidance and support throughout this transition.  At times such as these, the words thank you are inadequate.  But, they’re all I got.  Thank you!


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